Our Story

Kilona is a tribute to Indian Craftsmanship – a project created to elevate the Crafts through Design, whilst remaining mindful of the environment and conscious of creating large scale economic impact to the Artisans.

Rapid commercialization and pressures to reduce the costs of manufacturing have over the years threatened the existence of hand-crafting. Hand crafted products are now being mass produced using machines in countries like China and India.  Millions of Craftsmen are finding it impossible to sustain a livelihood through the production of Crafts and hence are moving to other professions including construction or agriculture.  If this trend continues, the entire art of hand craftsmanship may well become extinct in a few years

At Kilona, we believe that Hand Craftsmanship is no different than any of the performing arts and hence needs to be preserved and promoted – as without the Crafts, we are in danger of losing a significant component of our culture and heritage.

Our Mission

The conscious one lives in close harmony with his inner self and the elements of Nature.

Kilona dissolves the clichés of India by recalling the memory of the Golden Past, one that is steeped in a deep awareness of self and its surroundings. Being conscious of what we take from Nature, conscious of what we give back and conscious of how we make use of what we take. Celebrating the joy of living in complete harmony with Nature helps advance individuals onto a path of becoming one with the supreme power that manifests itself in all forms.

Join us on this path towards a Conscious Life.

What is the Real Value of Our Decisions?

Humans are creatures of comfort. We seek it in every aspect and phase of our lives. Constant decisions taken both consciously and subconsciously, define people, races, communities and nations. Which is why, it is so important to become aware of the power of the choices we make on a daily basis. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, the jewellery we use, and the ideas we pass to our young ones is a reflection of who we are and who we wish to be.

Across the world, a new wave of consciousness is slowly rising. People are now more aware of the multiple benefits of going natural. We already know that toxic chemicals exist in almost everything we use today. By simply choosing to avoid them now, we will all be moving towards a more conscious existence. One that is grateful of what already exists and what can grow when Nature is given a real chance to reveal its inner beauty.

Elevating Craft through Design

The art of hand-crafting has been handed down over generations and as part of a cultural lineage.  Hence, craftsmen have traditionally continued to produce the very same products that were taught to them by their forefathers and hoped to be able to sell these products to sustain a living.  Hence, effectively, Craftsmen were trying to “sell what they could produce”.  The reality however is that the customer has changed over the years and the Millennials do not wish to buy these products.

At Kilona, we therefore intervened with supporting these Craftsmen with Design – bringing to them a group of highly skilled designers from around the world, to help use their craft and render the same into products that the Millennials desire.  Hence, switching the model from “selling what we produce” to “producing what customers demand”.  This single switch in strategy has now improved the demand for these craft products and has also allowed these craftsmen to get a better earning for the same effort.