100% Pure Himalayan Pashmina

Persian for ‘Soft Gold’, pure pashmina is the finest and most luxurious wool in the world. This delicate fabric is sourced exclusively from the Himalayan pashmina goat, found only in the high altitude regions of Kashmir, Nepal and Tibet. Every spring, the Himalayan goats shed 4 – 8 ounces of this precious pashmina fibre. This wool is carefully collected, cleaned, hand spun and woven to make authentic pashmina products. It takes nearly 200-250 man-hours to complete a single pure pashmina shawl (without embroidery).

In the past, only the rich and elite enjoyed the privilege of its luxurious warmth. The plush Kilona x Kalpaveda pashmina collection uses fabric that is six times finer than the human hair. All Pashmina products are tested for authenticity and proven 99% pure by Intertek. They are free from all chemical dyes, colouring and softening agents.


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