Spiritually Healing Beads

‘Rudra’ – Lord Shiva, ‘Aksha’ – Tears

Rudraksh beads are the unique seeds found on the Rudraksh tree. They are said to hold the blessings and protection of Lord Shiva. Found mainly in the Himalayas, these beads are believed to have a unique vibration within them due to the region they flourished in. Wearing these beads is said to impart positivity and peace of mind. Many also believe that it forms a protective shield around the wearer to ward off negative energy. used in meditation and spiritual practices, these beads are believed to purify the seven chakras, the aura and overall quality of life

Rudraksh Jewelry

Agate Rudraksh Bracelet


Rudraksh Jewelry

Agate Rudraksh Mala


Rudraksh Jewelry

Aquamarine Sandalwood Mala


Rudraksh Jewelry

Lapis Rudraksh Bracelet


Rudraksh Jewelry

Lapis Rudraksh Mala